I believe that creating art may be an act of a well-wisher, 

a listener initiating inner spaces for remembrance of beauty

I seek an understanding and integration of the spiritual essence of all things and to nurture this.

Through my paintings, playing out in three themes; 

Symphonies of Geometry, Symphonies of Colour and Symphonies of MishKa,

I hope to capture and transmit reflections of musical silence

singing throughout nature in patterns of harmonic proportions at all scales and at all times. 

Composing chromatic symphonies with the longing for colours and figurations to sing,

my wish is to bring to the surface of waters visible patterns of invisible sound 

and to bridge the figurations of musicality that the poetry of colour and form may evoke.







often called The Red Cross of Culture,

the unifying symbol of Peace through Culture

through the trinity of art, science and spirit,

manifested in the Roerich Pact (1935), 

by the Russian painter Nikolaj Roerich.


© 2019 Siv Moa Lønning