MandalaRose Art Class

Art & Science with Heart 


I am teaching MandalaRose Art

through a tessellation-like folding technique 

culminating in the six-petal rosette

of the Flower of Life’s centre circle.

 I welcome you to experience 

how the symphony of a MandalaRose

may mirror the musical nature

of micro and macro cosmos

  and how it may create awareness

about the musical unfoldment of harmonies

at all scales

within the one song of nature

 and may create rememberance 

of the unisone symphony

of a blossoming MandalaRose

within the eternal nature of our heart.


May we keep the MandalaRose vibrant in the colours of the rainbow

through the sunshine we may awake in one another.


 Natura Artis Magistra - Nature is the teacher of the Arts 


My teacing experience

My teacher training